Auto Maintenance

Make Sure Your Car Stays in Good Working Order

Schedule a fast and seamless oil change service in Laramie, WY

Your vehicle is a complex machine that relies on many moving parts to stay fully operational. If even one part malfunctions, it could compromise the integrity of your entire vehicle. Ensure this doesn't happen by staying on top of routine auto maintenance in Laramie, WY. Wyoming Wrenches Automotive can show your car the TLC it needs to drive without fail.

We provide:

  • Oil change services
  • Fluid replacement services
  • Auto battery replacement services
  • Windshield wiper replacement services
No matter your vehicle's make or model, we can perform the necessary maintenance to get you back on the road. Contact us today to get an oil change service lined up.

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Don't ignore the signs that your car battery is dying

You rely on your car battery to start your vehicle. However, if your battery is old or corroded, you could find yourself calling a tow truck for a lift. It's important to catch a faulty battery early on so you aren't inconvenienced when it stops working.

Your car battery may be failing if it's cracked, swollen or corroded. It may also be malfunctioning if your engine won't crank or your lighting is unusually dim.

Don't ignore these common car battery problems. Get in touch to arrange for auto battery replacement services in Laramie, WY.